About Age of War

Age of War is a game that combines defensive and strategic way and is completely free for PC. In the game, you will usedefensive strategies to help the prehistoric humansdefeat enemies and gradually evolved into modern humans.

Age of War is a game that is widely known and for some time it has been rated as one of the top games on Max Games. The game was developed by a user named Louissi.

The battle of Cistercian will extend from this era to another era during their evolution. The game is divided into 5 age from Neolithic to extraterrestrial fight with leading modern weapons. You will move to the next age if you accumulate enough pointsand experience. To get experience, players need to destroy as many enemies as possible.

Any enemy killed, you will gain XP. Simultaneously, you need to build thecombat units, turrets and use the strength supports such as fireball to protect from consecutive and overwhelmed attacks of enemies. The key to success is keeping balance between attack and defense.

You can use special attack style. It would take a period for next time using. Each stage will have a differentspecial counter attack. Note that you cannot repair or restore your base. But it will recover each time you evolve over age. Protect your base at all costs.

The game has defensive gameplay like Plant vs. Zombies. Players will create different combat units and use reasonably. To unlock and create militaryunits and systems, players will have to gather energyenough. In each age there will be differentmilitary anddefensesystems. The controls are very simple, you just click on the icon of your choice to perform the necessary operations.

You will never feel boring because the environment, enemies, and weapons in each stageare always change.

There are three modes in the game: medium, hard and very hard. You should choose normal mode to get familiar before.

I hope you have fun!